About Rubiola Realty & Mortgage

Outside-the-box thinking, staying technologically advanced and perfecting human relations has been largely responsible for the company’s growth. Part of this success can be attributed to their fundamental understanding of the consumer.

This understanding has led the company to detour from strict adherence to traditional real estate practices and adopt a global web-based business approach. J.C. Rubiola quotes “We operate in a business environment that demands the best customer service and we provide this through a website that is easy to use and ever changing to accommodate our current and potential future clients.” And we don’t stop there; we strive to provide this same level of customer service to our agents as well. The more tools we can give them to become successful, the better our company will be.

Technology is at the forefront, but Rubiola Realty and Mortgage still maintains a casual, boutique style approach that its clients have grown to love. We strive to make all real estate experiences effortless and pleasurable for our clients– there’s nothing below us and nothing above us! This is what Rubiola’s all about.

Rubiola Realty and Mortgage is truly a one-stop shop. While its clients are not required to use all of its services, many find it to be of great convenience. Basically, you need it, we’ll get it for you is the attitude of the company, and let me tell you–it’s working!

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