Dignowity Hill

Diversity drives the attraction of San Antonio’s Eastside. Landmarks, venues and eateries reflect the city’s rich Black American culture. From St. Paul Square, a bustling dining and entertainment district, to Dignowity Hill, a vintage residential suburb undergoing tremendous revitalization, the Eastside is filled with old treasures and new surprises.

January 30, 2020
101 Pereida St.
San Antonio, TX 78210

The raddest ride in town. Join Your Biker Gang for a professional, electric minibike guided tour of Dignowity Hill San Antonio. See the sights, hit the brakes, and explore the city like never before. Tours take individuals, couples or groups on guided adventures around town in the coolest way possible…aboard an electric minibike! Easy to ride – and loads of fun! – book your next tour today for approximately 2 hours of ride-around adventures. Visit us online today to learn more.
biker gang san antonio

September 23, 2019

415 Burnett St.
San Antonio,TX 78202

Alamo is the legendary Texas beer. Brewed in San Antonio, Texas, in the Dignowity Hill neighborhood, Alamo Beer Company began brewing in December 2014, marking the first time since the start of Prohibition that a beer named “Alamo” had been produced in the Alamo City. With seven beer offerings – think Golden Ale, Pale Ale, and Amber Lager to name a few – and a welcoming, family-friendly space, Alamo Beer Company brings people together for beer, food and fun on the city’s eastside.