Olmos Park

The grand residences of Monte Vista, the largest historic district in America, were built between 1890 and 1930 to represent Georgian, Moorish, Antebellum, Victorian, Queen Anne, Spanish and Hollywood Bungalow styles. And, nearby Olmos Park history dates to the mid-1920s, when prominent oilman H.C. Thorman purchased property from an Austrian count to develop the exclusive suburb of magnificent manors. Prior to that development, the site served as training grounds for U.S. Army balloonists. Monte Vista is the largest historic district (and one of the oldest!) in the United States. But don’t let its age fool you. There’s newness popping up on every corner as locals reinvest in the neighborhood to keep shops and eateries fresh and fun. Adjacent to Monte Vista, Olmos Park is tucked into lush landscaping and boasts unique architecture on every block. Just south, Alta Vista (another historic neighborhood) borders Pearl and is filled with locally-owned restaurants and bars off the beaten path. What’s old is new again in this neighborhood. Come see what we mean.

olmos park

October 16, 2019
San Pedro Springs Park
The second oldest park in the United States, San Pedro Springs Park is a city gem. The park is located in the Olmos Park area. Historically, people have gathered around the springs and creek that originate here for some 12,000 years. Hunter-gatherers found water, food, and rock to fashion weapons, and Spanish explorers first established their camps here in the late 17th century. Today, San Pedro Springs Park retained these historical uses and restored landscape and structural features that are important reminders of the park’s long and interesting history. It’s a great place to walk, hike, bike, swim and enjoy the great outdoors!
san pedro springs olmos park