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How would you like to keep ALL of your commission?

-Flat fee of $499 per transaction with caps for top producers- Ability to have $0 transaction fee
-Keep more of your commissions
-Established and well known name in real estate- Over 20 years in business
-Social media, website and print marketing help- at no cost to you
-Website- – available to clients on mobile and desktop- at no cost to you
-Brick & Mortar office with WIFI, Printing and Conference room available to use- at no cost to you
-$250 yearly fee for E&O, no other recurring fees
-No minimum required
-Get paid at your closings
-In house mortgage company- We beat credit union and builder’s rates!
-$499 Agent Referral Fee
Many companies take upwards of 30% of your commission…
Some companies have lower transaction fees…

Rubiola Realty charges a $499 transaction fee and gives you the tools to be successful.

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Join Our Team

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