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How would you like to keep ALL of your commission?

-Flat fee of $499 per transaction with caps for top producers- Ability to have $0 transaction fee
-Keep more of your commissions
-Established and well known name in real estate- Over 20 years in business
-Social media, website and print marketing help- at no cost to you
-Website- – available to clients on mobile and desktop- at no cost to you
-Brick & Mortar office with WIFI, Printing and Conference room available to use- at no cost to you
-$250 yearly fee for E&O, no other recurring fees
-No minimum required
-Get paid at your closings
-In house mortgage company- We beat credit union and builder’s rates!
-$499 Agent Referral Fee
Many companies take upwards of 30% of your commission…
Some companies have lower transaction fees…

Rubiola Realty charges a $499 transaction fee and gives you the tools to be successful.


“Thank you JC for encouraging me to move with Rubiola and enjoy the rewards of your new platform. I’m looking forward to being able to spend more on advertising!”

“Let’s see-my old brokerage got $80/Mo plus rent for the office space, plus 1/3 of the commission till they made up to $20,0000.vs. $499 per transaction? What’s wrong with this picture?!”

“I am able to spend more on advertising”

“If it’s costing you more than $500/transaction to do business, you’re paying your brokerage TOO MUCH”

“I enjoy the rewards of your new platform.”

“I actually started working at Rubiola when I first got my license. I’m excited to be back!”

“At RUBIOLA REALTY and MORTGAGE, I pay $499/ transaction! No minimums, no fees, no rent, no % split!”

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